My name is David, but you can call me Thee Cake Scraps.

This blog is about whatever I want it to be, but will try to focus on my journey through web analytics and my vehicle for that is currently Omniture SiteCatalyst.  I am new to web analytics and have a background that has nothing to do with marketing or web analytics.  That should make this interesting.

I will link to other posts when I can fit it in, but since I am new, links may be scare at the beginning. I will write about things that I think are interesting and give my opinions on those topics. Some of the things I write about may end up being wrong or misguided, but that is where learning can take you. I don’t mean for this to be a guide for people entering the field of web analytics, but rather some thoughts that I am having as I learn.

Finally, here is some background on me so you know where I am coming from.  I have a degree in Operations Management and a minor in Math.  I don’t know any languages, computer or otherwise, but can understand the basics of most.  I also pick up on computer languages fairly easily because they are just a matter of logic, which I believe myself to be fairly good at.  My problem is that I love the strategy and vision driving the code more than memorizing code itself. Thus, we arrive at the position of understanding code without having the ability to write it.


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  1. Hi David,

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